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Front row: Lillie, Demaris, David, Annis
Middle row: Christa Bumann (now Landmann), Aunt Bernice, Auntie, Aunt Laura 
Back row: Demaris & John D. Humphries, Josephine, Joanne, and Wilbur Jones (holding Mary Jo Griffin), Annette & David Griffin (holding James) in Atlanta, 1960

Front row: Annette, Lillie, Annis, Joanne
Rear: David, Auntie, Demaris

This 1949 photo is on acetate and may have been color originally.  It is now badly faded and has no discernable color.  The dress Demaris was wearing was blue and white.


Picture to left
Front row, seated: Demaris Humphries, Kirby Lewis, Russell Robertson, Annis Humphries, Marcia Ireland, Sue Ellis, Lillie Humphries.
Back row, standing: Jean Rachels Ellis, Julian Rachels, David Humphries, Evie Dell (Pebbie) Keen Rachels, Demaris Keen Huphries, John D. Humphries, Jr., Jimmy Robertson
This photo was made on the patio behind the Rachels home in Dublin Georgia, August, 1957 photo probably made by Iris Keen
-- she was present but is missing from photo.

Identifications by Annette Jones Griffin:
John D Humphries, Jr., C.L. (Chester Lawson Jones, Jr.), Thelma, Walter Clark Jones, Lillie Jones, Allene Jones, Mattie Emma Lee Jones (wife of Chester), Maurice Franklin Smith, Gladys Jones, squeezed in back of Gladys and barely shows is probably her husband Wylie Joe Truitt since they were married in 1930 and this picture was made in about 1935 and none of her other siblings had married, Uncle Chester L. Jones, Aunt Laura Jones, John Franklin Jones,  Bernice Jones (about age 10), our great-grandfather John Franklin, Nellie Bernice Jones, Eliza Oregon McNair Jones, Wilbur Sparks Jones, Lillie Marvin Jones Humphries (holding Annette Jones), Lamar Smith, Josephine Humphries Jones (holding Joanne Jones), Annis Jones Humphries, Uncle Ernest Smith (husband of Emma), Emma Jones Smith, Wayne Ernest Smith (son of Emma), Dwight Jones (son of Chester and Mattie).  A really amazing gathering!




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