What do you think?  Are these two related?

1965 Demaris Humphries (snapshot)

1920 Annis J. Humphries (professional photo)

Iris Robertson and Demaris Humphries and some of their children.  Badly cracked poloroid photo.

Same photo in process of having cracks removed.

Keen family in Florida about 1907.  Left to right: Zinnie Lee, Evie Dell, Lucille, William Albert (holding Ruth), Willie Nelle, and Nellie Bashaby Guest Keen

Same photo in the process of having scratches removed and missing areas filled in.  This photo is on a post card with the handwritten words, "W. A. Keen family on the banks of the Old Suwanee in the state of Florida."

Faded color photo probably made by Iris Keen Robertson (she was present but is missing from photo).  
Front row, seated: Demaris Humphries, Kirby Lewis, Russell Robertson, Annis Humphries, Marcia Ireland, Sue Ellis, Lillie Humphries.
Back row, standing: Jean Rachels Ellis, Julian Rachels, David Humphries, Evie Dell (Pebbie) Keen Rachels, Demaris Keen Huphries, John D. Humphries, Jr., Jimmy Robertson
This photo was made on the patio behind the Rachels home in Dublin Georgia, August, 1957

Same photo with some color correction.

Auntie with "Sandy" c. 1935
Original is 1" x 11/4" and damaged with a fungus that attacked the glue used to mount it. 


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