Natalie Anne
 first child of Anna and Felix, was born in 2000 in Manhattan, New York.  They now live in Northern Virginia.

Natalie loves to swim with her Mother

Natalie 24 may 2003

Natalie's parents, Anna & Felix

Natalie with her best friend, Thomas, September 2002

Best Friends

Natalie exercising
May 2001

Natalie almost crawling
May 2001

April 2001
Natalie now has two teeth!

Natalie loves to swing
April 2001

Natalie the movie star
April 2001

Natalie in her Merrick neighborhood
April 2001

12 March 2001

held by her cousin, Tristan James Miller Pagkalinawan, December, 2000. 

March 2001

March 2001

March 2001

Natalie playing
8 February 2001


Natalie goes for a ride

Natalie with Mother

Natalie with Daddy

Natalie's NY home

Natalie Feb 1, 2001

Natalie with Grandma Nina

Natalie with a furry friend


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