Welcome to Persimmon Ridge

Persimmon Ridge in fall foliage 31 October 2002

Thunder June 2004

Jim & Sabrina on deck in woods June 2004

Jim on his new horse, Rusty (July 2003)

Jim with Rusty

Demaris on Sky, November 2003


Demaris with Indigo Sky, her Kentucky Mountain mare

This is our driveway to the house in the fall

View from our deck

Jim loading hay January 2004

Demaris helping load hay January 2004


7 December 2002, two days after 7 inch snow, temperature, 1 degree

2001 Easter Sunrise Service for F. T. Baptist Church

Our home

Backside of house, barn, and playhouse

Grandmommy's Playhouse

Playhouse in snow -- 2004

View of the Hughes River at Persimmon Ridge

Same river running high March 2003

This was calving season at Persimmon Ridge in 2001.  This  cow just had twins less than an hour beforethis photo was made.

Tarentaise cattle grazed here until November 2001

Keen Humphries  Griffin Katrina Felix Sabrina
Nesbit Moseley President Bush

Aunt Ree  Home

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Last Updated on 6 June 2004