Virginia's First Kentshire® Miniature Cattle and Panda® Miniature Cattle
are now at Persimmon Ridge Farm

This Panda® baby girl was born at Persimmon Ridge  14 December 2005
She has been sold.  There will be no more Panda
® calves until next spring!

19 December 2005, 5 days old

27 March 2006, 3 months old
Demaris has been SOLD!
The names Panda Cattle®
and Kentshire Cattle® together with logos and related marks are trademarks of
Professor Emeritus Richard Gradwohl.  They are used here with permission.

She has personality

And her name is Demaris!


About an hour old

Jim dresses her in an overcoat

Baby Demaris in her overcoat

This baby is a real bouncing girl.  She is bouncing all around the pasture, sometimes following her mother, other times running around like a puppy on the loose!


Gilbert and Sullivan are now in Connecticut with their new owner, Katie

Bandit, Abigail's baby, born 14 February 2005. 

Little Buddy, Daisy's baby, born 23 November 2004

Valentino, Red Kentshire bull calf born 12 February 2005

If you are interested in purchase, e-mail me at or call, 540-987-8920

Abigail's Butterfly, born 12 November 2003

Annie Belle's Little Nelle, born 14 November 2003
Not for Sale

These are my beautiful, healthy little cattle in June, 2003.  Three of the girls are pregnant.  The pastures are green, lush, and very wet.

Jim was trying to feed Cooter, but Buttercup wanted some too!  April 2003

Cooter is just as sweet as he looks, June 2003

Jacob exercises with the bunk feeder, May 2003

Time for Spring vaccinations, May 2003

Annie Belle gets a pregnancy check, May 2003

Morning feeding 28 November 2002

Morning feeding
5 December 2002

17 February 2003, after 24 inch snowfall

Left to right: Buttercup, Daisy, Jacob, Abigail, Annie Belle

When the ground is covered with snow, Jim helps me by bringing in huge loads of hay.


(l to r) Daisy, Buttercup, Abigail, Annie Belle, Jacob, Cooter (our Sicilian donkey) 4 September 2002.  This picture was taken shortly after Buttercup had been extracted from the water trough.


Meet Christopher Robin (aka Cooter), a Sicilian miniature donkey

Thunder, our 4-year-old Sheltie

Turbo, our 13-year-old Shiba

Jim & Cooter
7 December 2002

Jacob 2-16-02

Annie Belle 3-8-02

Abigail 2-19-02 

Daisy 3-4-02

Buttercup 3-12-02

Jacob 30 Aug 02

Buttercup 30 Aug 02

Abigail 30 Aug 02 

Daisy 30 Aug 02

Annie Belle 30 Aug 02

Jacob June 2003

Daisy June 2003 

Morning feeding 6 October 2002

Mischief likes to sleep on my desk

Samantha is our latest addition

Jim & Cooter 

My pets -- I have lost weight since this was taken!

Sometimes we all eat together


After 2 years of drought, we are finally catching up on rain.  This is our river as of  30 October 2002

Creek running high 19 March 2003

River running high 20 March 2003

Newborn Butterfly and her mother

Butterfly at 6 months

the calves are fed separately

Butterfly at 6 months

Butterfly and Nelle

Little Nelle foiling weaning


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