Kat's Ancestors

Alvin Atley Peterson & Christina Fortney Peterson

Nils Peterson & Maria Helland Peterson

Alvin Atley and Christina Peterson and children,

Golden Wedding of Nils and Maria Helland Bjorkum, 1898 or 1899
seated left to right: Ole Peterson, Peter Peterson, Nils (Bjorkum) Peterson, Maria Helland Peterson, Alvin Atley Peterson.
standing left to right: Knudt Peterson, Anna Peterson Fortney, Betsy Peterson Himley, Tollef Peterson

More Petersons

Peterson Identifications yet to come

Peterson Reunion
(There are 70 individuals in this photo.  I only have fairly-confident identifications for the top three rows)
top row left to right: Inga Peterson (Peter's wife), Mary Peterson (Ole Peterson's wife), Christina Peterson (Atley's wife), Daniel Fortney (Christina's brother), Breta Foss Peterson, Maggie Reese Peterson (Grunhilda's daughter), Anna Hoffland Peterson (Knudt's wife), Ole Himley.
second row from top left to right: Nils (Bjorkum) Peterson, Maria Helland Peterson, Peter Peterson (Texas), Atley Peterson, Anna Peterson Fortney, Nils Peterson (uncle), Tollef Peterson, Knudt Peterson, Betsy Himley (Nils and Maria Peterson's family)
Third from top left to right: Carl Peterson, Gerhard Himley, George Davidson, Nellie Peterson Davidson, Steena Fortney, Ida Peterson (behind Steena), Adolph Himley, Hannah Fortney, Celia Peterson, Torger Frotney, Alma Fortney (behind Torger), Nils "Neelie" Fortney, Gerhard Fortney (behind Nils), Josephine Peterson (Martin's wife), Alida Peterson (holding baby), Martin Peterson.

Alma Peterson and Niels Alfred Peterson

Carl Martin and Clementine Coe Peterson

Jim and Alma Peterson Chapman

Helen Theresa Peterson Aboo

Alvin Benjamin Peterson

Alvin Benjamin Peterson

Alvin Benjamin Peterson

Bessie Viola Keller (wife of ABP)

Bessie Viola and Elizabeth Ann Peterson

Bessie Viola Keller

  The Old Oak Inn in Soldiers Grove
also operated by Hollis, Carol, and Holly Roth

Peterson Home in Soldier's Grove
Now, Roth House B&B

Peterson home in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
seated: Christina Fortney Peterson
Left to right: Clarence Atley Peterson & wife, Monica Pickson Peterson; Rodney Peterson?; Nils Alfred Peterson & wife, Monica Pickson Peterson

Newly built Peterson home.  Atley Peterson's mother is on the porch and three of their children are in the yard.  The child on the right was the mother of the three granddaughters who visited Roth House in 1990.

Dr. Rodney K. Peterson
ADM Alvin Atley (Pete) Peterson

Dr. Rodney K. Peterson and Fran

Midshipman Pete Peterson, 1939

ADM Pete Peterson, 1967

Mitzi & Pete Peterson, 29 May 1970

Lans, Pete, Mitzi, Padget Peterson

Pete & Mitzi

Family of Dr. Rodney K. Peterson



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