Jones Line

Jones Gathering
Gathering at Indian Springs circa 1918

John & Eliza
John Franklin and Eliza Oregon McNair Jones

John & Eliza2
John Franklin and Eliza Oregon McNair Jones

Chester & Mattie Jones
Chester and Mattie Jones

John & Eliza & children
John Franklin Jones & Eliza Oregon McNair with Lillie Marvin, Chester Lawson & Emma Victoria
(from a tintype)

Willie and John Franklin Jones
Willie Jones and his brother,
John Franklin Jones
Aunts Bernice and Laura Jones
Aunt Laura and Aunt Bernice Jones

  Click here for photo of the combined Golden wedding celebrations of John and Eliza Jones and William and Rilla Jones

John & Eliza & Children 2
John and Eliza Jones with Chester and Lillie (standing), and Emma and Laura (seated)
Circa 1888
J F Jones picking corn
John Franklin Jones, picking corn

Jones 60th Anniversary
60th Anniversary for John Franklin and Eliza Oregon McNair Jones, 1935
Left to right: John D. Humphries, Jr.; C. L. Jones (Chester Lawson Jones, Jr.); Velma Jones; Walter Jones;  Lillie Jones; Alline Jones; Mattie Lee Jones (Uncle Chester's wife); Maurice Smith; Gladys Jones Truitt; Wylie Truitt; Chester L. Jones, Sr.; Laura Jones; "little" Bernice Jones; John D. Humphries (behind Bernice); John Franklin Jones; Nellie Bernice Jones; Eliza O. McNair Jones; Wilbur S. Jones (husband of Josephine); Lillie J. Humphries (holding Annette); Josephine Jones (holding Joanne); Lamar Smith behind Joanne; Annis Humphries, Ernest Smith (husband of Emma) behind Annis; Emma Jones Smith; Wayne Smith; Dwight Jones.

J. F. Jones Family 1915
Circa 1915
First row: Gladys, Josephine, Lillie, Wayne, John D., Maurice, Alline
Second Row: Velma, J.F. Jones holding Dwight, Eliza Jones, Annis
Third row: Nellie Bernice, Chester, Mattie, Ernest & Emma Smith, Lillie& John Humphries, Laura

Jones Grandparents with ChamberlainsFar
Back row: John Franklin Jones, Eliza McNair Jones, Lillie Jones Humphries
Far right: Mr. & Mrs Chamberlain; next to them, Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Smith
Center front: Bernice Jones; over her left shoulder, Laura Jones.
Man, woman, and boy on left: Unknown
JFJones Family Ruth Huie Annis and others
Standing: Unknown woman, Lillie Jones Humphries, John D. Humphries, John Franklin Jones, Eliza McNair Jones, Laura Jones, Ruth Huie, Annis J. Humphries.
Seated woman and children: Unidentified

Jones Farm
Jones Farm with home, barn, shop, store, and potato houses

Jones Home
Jones home before dormers.  Mother Eliza, Lillie, Chester, Emma, and Aunt Nettie

Indian Springs Cottage 2004

Jones Group
Guests at the "three score and ten" party given by the Rev. J. V. Jones, Jr., of the Ben Hill Circuit of the Methodist Church, circa 1928. The party was at the parsonage in Ben Hill.
Seated left to right: Mrs. W. A. Campbell, Mrs. Fannie Suttles, Miss J. S. Campbell, Mrs. J. H. Cash, Mrs. J. J. Campbell, Mrs. Robert Todd, J. S. Gilbert, Mrs. L. E. Wood, Mrs. W. A. Waits, Mrs. James Suber, Mrs. E. E. Baker, Mrs. J. L. Sims.
Standing left to right:
Rev. J. V. Jones, Jr., B. F. Roberts, J. P. Robbins, W. A. Campbell, J. J. Campbell, James Suber, J. A. McWilliams, J. L. Sims, J. H. Johnston, Mrs. J. V. Jones, Jr.

Cora Wells Birthday
These young ladies gathered in Hapeville to celebrate the birthday of Miss Cora Wells of Mountain View Georgia.
Left to right, seated: Ada Waldrop (Mrs. Jeff Mayo); Minnie Dodson (Mrs. Hamp Gilbert); Addie Mabry; Elon Dodson (Mrs. J. W. Langley); Olivia Mabry (Mrs. W. E. Harrison); Laura Jones, Dora Eubanks, Cora Wells (Mrs. Charlie Cannifax).
Back row:  Emma Dodson (Mrs. J. W. Walker); Fanny Dodson (Mrs. W. G. Travis); Emma Jones (Mrs. Ernest Smith); and Josephine Wells.

Corine Jones
Corine Jones, daughter of Chester
Lillie Jones dau of Chester
Lillie Jones, daughter of Chester
Gladys Jones dau of Chester
Gladys Jones, daughter of Chester
Alline Jones, daughter of Chester
Alline Jones, daughter of Chester
CL Dwight and Walter Jones
CL, Dwight, and Walter Jones
CL Jones son of Chester
CL Jones, son of Chester
Chester Jones about 1910
Chester Jones about 1910
Chester Lawson Jones
Chester Lawson Jones
Lillie Jones with Cousin Annis Humphries
Lillie Jones with cousin, Annis J. Humphries

Howard Academy 1890
Howard Academy, circa 1890.  Enhanced from a seriously damaged, post-card sized original.
1st Row: 1. Jesse McNair; 2. John Chapman; 3. Horace Ballard; 4. Whit Burke; 5. Joseph McNair; 6. Unknown; 7. Unknown.
2nd Row: 1. Martha McKown; 2. Creserious McKown; 3. Elma Wootan; 4. Lula Terrell; 5. Cora Wells; 6. Emma Jones; 7. Lena Jones.
3rd Row: 1. Morton Butler; 2. Tom Dodson; 3. Chester Jones; 4. Hamp Harrison; 5. Kimsey Ballard; 6. Fannie Dodson; 7. Lilla McKown; 8.Edna Thames; 9.  Lillie Jones; 10. May Watts.
4th Row: 1. Berry Wooton; 2. Will Thames; 3. Dora Dodson; 4. Vada Jones; 5. Kate Dodson; 6. Leona Burke.
5th Row: 1. Unknown; 2.  Albert Terrell; 3. Lon Moore; 4. Will Burks; 5.  Marlin Terrell; 6.. ?? Butler; 8. Mr. W. R. Jones, teacher.

The Oak School 1892
The Oak School, Mrs. Lizzie Thomas' Class, circa 1892
1st row: Irby Terrell, Sallie Lee, Ruth Terrell, Carl Terrell
2nd row: Henry Todd, Ruby Lee, Mrs. W. J. Lee and Baby Tom, Miss Lizzie Todd, Mable Kidd, Powell Lee, Olin Todd, Wilson Bell.
3rd. row: Unknown girl, Nannie Todd, 2 Unknown girls, Luke Terrell, Bertha Todd, Edna Huie (Amos Daniel Humphries' step daughter), Mattie Lee (who married Chester Jones).
4th row: Unknown boy, Lennie Wayne, Dannie Wesley, 2 Unknown girls, Lily Mitchell, Unknown girl, Exa Huie (another ADH stepdaughter), Annie Terrell.
5th row: Beulah Jones, Unknown girl, Lorrell Terrell, Lewis Kidd, Raymond Terrell, Griffin Dunn, Quigg Terrell, John Wayne, Rove Green, George Todd, Jim Lee, Henry Wesley, Will Kidd

The Oak School 1892
Howard Academy, Miss Addie McNair, teacher, 1897 (another old copy of an older original)
1st row:
1. Unknown; 2. Bob Harrison; 3. Whit Burke; 4. Unknown; 5. Powell Lee; 6. Unknown; 7. Sidney Wootan; 8. Unknown; 9. Knox Huie; 10. Unknown; 11. ?? Wallace; 12. Jerry Wells.
2nd row: 1. Unknown; 2. Unknown; 3. Mary Jones; 4. Susie Wells; 5. ___ Jones; 6. Lois Ballard; 7. Jesse Hudson; 8. ___Wyatt; 9. Unknown; 10. Lucy Huie; 11. Irene Wallace.
3rd row: 1. Unknown; 2. Joe Wells; 3. Myrtis Smith; 4. Annie Ballard; Nellie Huie; 6. Unknown; 7. Unknown; 8 Nellie Wootan; 9. Minnie Smith; 10. Tommy Jones; 11. Laura Jones; 12. Nonie Jones.
4th row: 1. Lee Ballard; 2. Jesse Harrison; 3. Unknown; 4. Ruby Huie; 5. ___ Wyatt; 6. Unknown; 7. Emma Jones; 8. Fannie Dodson; 9. Will Smith; 10. Ernest Smith.
5th row: 1. Unknown; 2. Ed Jones; 3. Benjamin Lee; 4. Unknown; 5. Tarver McNair; 6. Willie Wallace; 7. Miss Addie McNair (teacher); 8. Mattie Lee; 9. Usher Kitchens.
Up in the door: 1. Arthur Wallace; 2. Unknown; 3. Kimsey Ballard; 4. Horace Ballard.

1904 Reunion
Humphries/Jones Reunion circa 1904
children on ground: boy, 2 older girls behind twin girls, girl, girl, Annis J. Humphries (in big hat), Nellie Bernice Jones, Ruth Huie, 5 little boys.
First standing row: 3 women, Laura Nesbit Jones.
Seated: Man with cane and long white beard is Samuel Lawson McNair with wife, Martha Jane Nesbit, on his left.  Over Samuel's right shoulder is Eliza Oregon McNair, to her left, Aunt Nonnie Lasseter, Aunt Nettie Huie, Uncle Walter McNair, Emma Victoris Jones.
Top Row: Chester Lawson Jones, Unknown, unknown, unknown, John David Humphries, Lillie M. Jones Humphries, John Franklin Jones with thumb in pocket.

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Nesbit Moseley President Bush

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